Web & Data Projects

These are some of the projects I’ve made in the past year. Most of them are evolving works in progress.


My personal website, largely developed during the month of November 2018 as part of a month-long challenge. The project uses Jekyll, Shopify Liquid templating and Python to generate a static site that is hosted (for free) on Gitlab.

Philly Makerspaces

An interactive web map displaying makerspaces in the Philadelphia region. The data was collected as part of Making Culture: A National Survey of Maker Spaces at Drexel University. Created with Leaflet using Google Sheets as a back-end.


A prototype of a volunteering app developed in under 36 hours with my friends as part of Philly Codefest 2019. I was responsible for the front-end as well as the map, which uses the Litter Index data from Open Data Philly to illustrate how events created by organizers correspond with the real-world issues. Read about the process and development of this project.

Interactive Directory of Educational Memepages

A community data project to create a public directory of educational meme communities. The project seeks to facilitate access to niche educational humor content-networks to a broad audience through an intuitive hierarchical interface, as well as to shed light on the composition of this community as a whole. The data was collected with Python through the Facebook Graph API and then annotated by volunteers. The interface was created using D3.


A landing page and informational website for the Transdisciplinary Science, Computing & Engineering Design (TranSCEND) master’s program at Drexel University. Developed using Wordpress and Slider Revolution.